Mtv channel ids created by ryerson university students in 2012


Following the launch of MTV Canada, students of Ryerson Radio and Television Arts Digital Media program began contributing yearly to the brand identity with their very own channel IDs—or MTV artbreaks as we call them. A staple of MTV, the channels design has always pushed creative boundaries and kept the channel fresh annually. Students are invited to immerse themselves within MTV culture and conceptualize a creative idea executed as a five second spot. Ideas and stylistic approaches/techniques such as handmade, Black and white, photorealism, Stop-motion, Filmic, are pitched and critiqued by classmates, professors and an MTV creative director. Drawing from the groups feedback, spots are refined, obsessed over or even completely re-envisioned and a collection of standout spots are selected. We continued the tradition in 2012 and here are the highlights.

Warren Frank:

Victoria Nixon:

Seana Davies:

Patricio Marco:

Kevin Jung:

Justine Dever-Arseneault:

Iain Ross:

Eric Anderton:

Ben Locke:

Andrew Thomson:

Brittany Amodeo: