Mtv and alesse want you to place your bets on the mtv movie awards


MTV and Alesse want you to place your bets on the MTV Movie Awards

Kyle Coulter,

March madness is nearly upon us, have you made your selections?  NCA…wha? I’m talking about the MMAs! That’s right, the MTV Movie Awards are right around the corner and Alesse along with want to give you the chance to hoist the golden popcorn trophy over your head and walk away with a cool $2500 in your pocket! (Well, except the whole “hoisting-the-golden-popcorn”-thing—holding one of those is a commodity and has to be earned through the means of cinematic excellence.)

But I digress, back to you walking away richer. About that; not only do you have the chance win $2500 for yourself, but $2500 to donate towards the charity of your choice! You’ll be making it rain good-karma all over the place!

Now let’s get down to the nitty-gritty; how does one enter a contest with such sophisticated and socially-conscious prizing? Prizing that appeal to both the heart and the wallet?  It’s probably complicated, right? WRONG.

Head here, and log in to your MTV Core Account. (Don’t even tell me you don’t have one?…Go here, come back when you’re all set up.)  Select who you think will win for each category, then tune in to the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday April 13 to see how you did!