Looking for a summer job? Here are 17 great ideas from your favourite movies

Summer is upon us, and if you don’t want to spend it broke, it’s time to start thinking seriously about gainful, seasonal employment.

But if you’re going to get a summer job, there’s no need to settle for flipping burgers, scooping ice cream, or waving a tiny flag in a roadside construction crew — not when you could apply for one of these exciting positions from your favorite films.


1. Camp counselor, “Wet Hot American Summer”

This job appears to require lots of hooking up and very little actual counseling, which suits us just fine.


2. Falafel slinger, “She’s All That”

lainey boggs she's all that fafael hat

It’s not the most glamorous of ethnic cuisines, but you do get to wear this nifty hat.


3. Shadowhunter, “The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones”

Jace in 'The Mortal Instruments'

Do you guys offer internships?


4. Artist’s assistant, “The Big Lebowski”


Your entire job is harnessing/unharnessing a nude Julianne Moore from the zipline she uses to make her art, which has been commended as “strongly vaginal.”


5. Stunt and/or getaway driver, “Drive”

Bonus: If you’re really good at this job, you may get the opportunity to stomp a man’s head into jelly inside an elevator before your summer is done.


6. Paparazzi videojournalist, “Nightcrawler”


Strong stomach required.


7. Waitress, “Whip It”

But only so you can make enough cash to cover your night gig as a kick-ass roller derby queen.


8. Men’s retail, “The Spectacular Now”

Apparently you can do this job even if you’re drunk as a lord, so.


9. A cappella competition commentator, “Pitch Perfect”

Who doesn’t want to be these guys?


10. Dog groomer, “Dumb & Dumber”


Someone’s got to co-pilot the dogmobile.


11. Undercover cop, “22 Jump Street”

22 Jump Street GIF
Sniffing out an illegal teen drug ring will require you to go to a lot of parties.


12. Fancy magician, “Now You See Me”

Base pay, plus all the cash you can elaborately heist.


13. Bridesmaid, “Bridesmaid”

This should be a paid position considering how much time and work it takes, eh ladies?


14. Con artist, “Focus”

All you need is a cool mentor-boss to show you the art of scamming, and you can probably liberate a semester’s worth of college tuition from your idiot marks.


15. Minion, “Minions”


These guys get health insurance, right?


16. A feeling, “Inside Out”

Pixar Inside Out

But just for the summer, more than three months in a state of permanent [whatever] would just be too much.


17. Velociraptor motorcycle gang leader, “Jurassic World”

jurassic world raptors

Summer job? Nuh-uh. LIFETIME CAREER GOALS.