Molly tarlov adopts illegally adorbz pup, names her buffy [photos]

The newest addition to Molly Tarlov‘s family — the most huggable, lovable Goldendoodle puppy named Buffy — has us squeeing with delight…and scouring pet adoption websites for our own perfect puffball. Yesterday, the “Awkward” star took to Instagram to share the above pic of her sucking animal-face with her new furry friend, writing, “Is this how you get mono? #goldendoodlesofinstagram,” and thankfully, we can officially shut down the speculation: The answer is “no,” Molls! Whew!

Although the actress behind Palos Hills’ queen bee has yet to reveal who her doggie is named after, we’re placing our bets on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, seeing that Molly’s been known to tweet about her obsession with the show in the past.


We, too, learned everything we needed to know about dating through “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.”

While we await more information from Molly on her precious pup, let’s take a moment to swoon over the following pics of Baby Buffy in various adorable positions. Warning: Illegal amounts of cuteness ahead. Prepare accordingly.

Buffy paws

Nothing like a tiny puppy paw to make the heart skip a beat.

Buffy front seat

Buffy is a ride-or-die kinda ‘Doodle.

Buffy carpet

“Who, me?”

Photos: Molly Tarlov’s Instagram