Miss piggy has the perfect way of dealing with cat callers

When Miss Piggy gets catcalled on the street, she doesn’t back down from telling the dude off… among other, more violent things.

On Thursday night, Miss Piggy was honored with a feminist award at the Brooklyn Museum’s Elizabeth A. Sackler Center, and told MTV News that she has no idea why the word “feminist” is still up for such debate.

Miss Piggy might not know why some people still aren’t on board the feminism train, but activist Gloria Steinem does.

“I think if they went to the dictionary and saw that it just means a belief in the equality of women and men, most people would be okay with it,” Steinem told MTV News before the event. “I think it’s mostly that people may not know what it means. But the use of the word and the support of the word has grown enormously over the years.”

Steinem also dispelled some words of wisdom for young women hoping to learn more about feminism — and her advice is much different than what we bet Miss Piggy would have said.

“Don’t listen to me! Listen to yourself,” she said. “I’m here, and we’re all here, to support women individually and connectively, because there’s a unique person inside every person! So I want you to be able to hear and follow your own voice, and know that you have group support, because we can’t do it by ourselves.”

You hear that, fellow feminist ladies? Just feel free to live your lives — Gloria and Piggy will be sure to back you up.