Miley smokes weed onstage and 6 other can’t miss ema moments

The biggest party in Amsterdam on Sunday night (November 10) was the 2013 MTV EMA , which featured performances from Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, and even Eminem, and while a good time was to be expected, there were also a few surprising moments from the broadcast. Miley Cyrus made the list twice–shocking.

Miley Cyrus Lights Up On Stage
When in Amsterdam…smoke joints onstage? Miley Cyrus celebrated a win for Best Video with “Wrecking Ball” by saying thanks and also declaring that her award couldn’t fit in her purse. What did fit in her purse, though, was a joint, which she pulled out and sparked up on stage. Maybe she did it in honor of Biggie and Tupac, since she wore a dress with their faces plastered across it earlier in the night when she strolled down the red carpet.

Eminem Loves Award
On Sunday night Eminem received the Global Icon Award and performed “Berzerk” and “Rap God,” but it was his final couple of minutes on camera that mattered most. Will Ferrell, in character as Ron Burgundy, caught up Em to off stage to ask about his big moment and got caught Shady in a good mood. He riffed on a popular “Anchorman” joke, simply responding with a dazed look, “I love award.” Ron corrected him with “I love awards,” but Em was firm with “I love award,” and later decided “I love math” as well. When asked how he feels about Afrojack doing a little trash talking about him, Eminem gave another blank stare, responding with, “Who?”

Redfoo Makes Penis Jokes With Ariana Grande
Redfoo and his wild ‘fro played host for the night, and when he recruited Ariana Grande to read some of the fans’ tweets about the show, things got a little weird. Grande serenaded him for a few minutes, and maybe got him just a little too excited. “I’m blushing, my little man is blushing,” he said, referring to his, er, penis. “Redfoo Jr. just became a man!” Too much Redfoo, too much.

‘Breaking Bad’ Cameo
Katy Perry picked up the Best Female award at the 2013 MTV EMA, but how did Walt Jr. end up on stage presenting it to her? Actor RJ Mitte, who plays the role of Walter White’s son in the AMC drama “Breaking Bad,” was tapped to hand out the award, and took it upon himself to create a new rule: “The presenter of this award gets to make out with the winner after the show.” Can’t hate on that Walt Jr.

Miley Cyrus’ PG Performance
After raising heart rates and making Robin Thicke sweat with her provocative performance at the VMAs, Miley Cyrus turned things down a few notches with her EMA set. The 20-year-old singer opened the show with a space-themed performance, which found her fully clothed — to our surprise — and when she returned to deliver the emotional track “Wrecking Ball,” she kept things to a bare minimum. Singing against a backdrop of her tear-stained face, she belted out her vocals without any additional fanfare, antics or awe-inducing moments. Strange, but maybe she didn’t want to overload the audience since she was planning to smoke a joint onstage later in the night.

Icona Pop Bring The Fun
The galactic theme at the 2013 MTV EMA began with Miley Cyrus’ opening performance, and continued right through the show until Icona Pop wrapped things up a lively performance of their hit “I Love It.” Their tight mirrored dresses, colorful backup dancers and high energy set definitely had Spice Girls vibes in it.

Snoop Dogg’s Owl Chain
The artist formerly known as Snoop Lion brought some old school vibes to the show on Sunday night, performing his classic “Gin & Juice,” but we were a little caught up in his jewelry game. Snoop sported a long, gold owl necklace that looked a lot like Drake‘s OVO owl logo. Have these two become fast friends, or was Snoop was just feeling a little wise tonight?