Miley cyrus’ ema smoke could get her in trouble, but will anyone press charges?

We established yesterday
 that Miley Cyrus‘ onstage smoke
 at the 2013 MTV EMA show technically broke the law in Amsterdam.

And while she was reportedly not the only person sparking up in the building that night, she did it a bit more conspicuously from the main stage on a globally broadcast show. So, will Miley end up paying for her illegal puff?

MTV News reached out to the Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority — which regulates the nation’s smoking laws — to find out if the man ensures that she can stop. While the Authority is responsible for enforcement of the nation’s tobacco law, which restricts smoking in public spaces (but still allows patrons to burn herb at the city’s more than 200 coffee shops), spokesman Benno Bruggink said his organization is not the one that would pursue legal action against the singer.

“The law stipulates that it is forbidden to smoke in places where smoking can be a nuisance to employees of, in this case, the Ziggo Dome,” he wrote in an email. “The management of the Ziggo Dome is responsible for maintaining the smoking ban to protect its employees. Therefore we will contact the management of the Ziggo Dome, and not Miley Cyrus.”

At press time, Bruggink had not yet responded to questions about whether action is pending, and a spokesperson for the Ziggo Dome could not be reached for comment.