Miley cyrus dishes about liam, snoop and haters boosting ‘we can’t stop’

Miley Cyrus is on a roll, cruising around the country to promote her new single, “We Can’t Stop,” and its record-breaking video. In the week since Miley dropped the Diane Martel-directed clip, it has amassed nearly 33 million views, breaking Justin Bieber’s “Beauty and a Beat” record for most first-day views.

Miley made her rounds on the talk show circuit this week, with appearances on “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” “Good Morning America” and “Live With Kelly and Michael.” Here are the highlights:

Rolling With Her Homies
Miley kicked off the bi-coastal trip Tuesday night with Kimmel in L.A., where she talked about chilling with her “Ashtrays and Heartbreaks” pal, Snoop.

“I just call him ‘Snoop.’ I’m not actually that sure [how we met]. I started hanging out with him in the studio and I worked with [producer] Diplo a little bit … He comes by the studio, he listens to my music, and he’s excited about what I’m doing with my career, so it’s cool,” Miley revealed. “We’re more alike than you would think. We’re very similar. He actually said that.”

Kimmel joked, “That’s because he’s so high, he doesn’t even know what his name is.”

“Me too,” she added. “We both are. No, yeah. That’s why we get along so well, I guess.”

Haters Keep On Hating
Miley was in NYC on Wednesday, where she kept the gossip lovers at bay on “GMA.” Asked about her engagement to Liam Hemsworth, she noted, “I’m wearing a ring,” then proceeded to thank any haters for helping boost her popularity.

“I’ve got a really bomb fanbase, and they’re the ones that are getting it to be 33 million views. And my whole thing is: Haters are gonna hate, but haters are also going to click on your YouTube video to watch it,” she said. “So I don’t really care. You help me break the record, even if you were watching just to hate on me. So I win.”

Getting Spooky
Miley wrapped up the trip by telling “Live With Kelly and Michael” about her haunted apartment in London. “Oh my god, you have no idea how scary it was,” she shared. “It turned out to be this old bakery or something, and the person owned it forever. And then my brother told me … they put someone in the oven. I don’t know if that’s true; I doubt it’s true.”

“Every night, creepy stuff would happen, like the water would go from freezing to hot all the time,” she continued. “And then you would see a shadow of someone. And someone would knock on my door, and I would go to check it, and no one would be there, but I would see a hand over the security camera. One night I woke up and someone was holding me down … But I’m also crazy.”