Miley cyrus gave her pit party the wax treatment

Welp. You can’t accuse Miley Cyrus of being unoriginal. For her, TMI is apparently an acronym for Talk More Intimately because she likes to draw new lines and then cross right over them on the daily.

Today (July 22), the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards host decided to wax her armpits, and of course show us all the hairy scene on Instagram because Miley Cyrus.

That’s just her social style now-a-days, and besides, she showed us when she dyed her pit fur pink, so at this point, why not.

First, there was the before photo, where she proudly displayed the more-than-five-o’clock-shadow she’d worked up on her underarms.

Then, there was the mid-wax shot which showed her sense of impending groom doom.

And then she couldn’t resist giving us all a close-up of the ripped-out remnants.

There’s … not much else to say except we can’t wait to see what Miley decides to do at the VMAs next month.

The 2015 MTV Video Music Awards will air live from L.A.’s Microsoft Theater at 9e/6p, on Sunday, August 30.