Miguel says there’s room for everyone in music, even frank ocean

Here’s the thing about saying you make “better” music than someone else: while some people might agree, a LOT of people are going to disagree. And they will not be shy.

Sooooo… it seems like Miguel was reminded of this life lesson on Monday when the backlash exploded over his comments this weekend in The Sunday Times in which he said he genuinely believes, “I make better music [than Frank Ocean], all the way around.”

The one-time friends are probably not as close now, especially since Miguel also intimated that he was in this music biz for the long haul and others… might not be. On Monday night Miguel started walking back his controversial comments, chalking his braggadocio up to competitiveness and saying “there’s room for all artists,” while still plugging his Wildheart album. Of course.

“I guess what I’m saying is, there’s no need to compare apples to oranges,” he wrote. “There’s something out there for everyone.” Apples to [Channel] oranges. We see what you did there.

The comments on Miguel’s walk back weren’t all kind.

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