Watch a woman casually lift an entire taxi because the driver won’t move

Many of us have accidentally fallen victim to a parking ticket and silently cursed the meter maids for, y’know, doing their jobs. We often forget about the person behind the job, though. What would happen if the meter maids struck back?

YouTube channel DidThatJustHappen rigged a cab and set up some hidden cameras to find out. Meter maid Jenni approaches a rude cab driver who won’t move his car and decides to take matters into her own hands — literally. She lifts up the fake cab like it’s NBD and shows the driver who’s boss while a confused and amazed crowd looks on.

Jenni gets high fives and looks of complete awe from onlookers. “That’s girl power,” one person says. Another person calls her the Incredible Hulk. Most people are so shocked they can’t help but let a few curse words slip.

So drivers, beware. That meter maid may have more than just tickets up their sleeve.