Meghan trainor shares ‘deep thoughts’ in behind-the-scenes ‘like i’m going to lose you’ video: watch

Recently, Meghan Trainor shared the video for her moving collaboration with John Legend, “Like I’m Gonna Lose You.” Now, this new behind-the-scenes clip offers a glimpse at ALL the tingly emotions that were stirred up on the romantic, candlelit set.

Released via Billboard, the video shows Megan riding an elevator, getting a little TLC from her glam squad, and discussing what the video means to her.

Meghan admits to having some very “deep thoughts” during the making of the video. “He’s amazing. he gets me,” she says of the clip’s director, Constellation Jones. “I haven’t done anything like this, actually… this is very new for me.”

The message of the video? “Loving someone as if you’re gonna lose them,” says Meghan. Yup, that’s deep stuff indeed.