Meet the ‘real world: ex-plosion’ cast and their former flames [video]

Bumping into your ex on the street after a nasty breakup can be uncomfortable, but being forced to live with them is downright unbearable. On the upcoming “Real World: Ex-Plosion,” seven strangers will spend six weeks getting to know each other, and then five of their former flames will move in and turn the house on its head. In this video, San Francisco’s latest imports explain their relationship history, and why this time around, more will definitely not be merrier.

Exes Arielle and Ashley will have to reign in their breakup-causing Type A personalities, while Cory and Lauren, whose long-term relationship was torn apart over cheating, must deal with eight years worth of baggage between them. All of the ex-couples on this season have unique relationship-ending stories, but the discomfort they felt when they saw their former loves was universal. “I was already hooking up with someone in the house, but when Brian walked in, it kind of made everything a little awkward,” Jenny, an aspiring actor and singer, says. “It’s not the old ‘Real World,’ it’s a very new show.” It’s official: Lombard Street is no longer the most twisted thing in San Fran!

Get to know the cast, exes and all, and be sure to tune in for the “Ex-Plosion” premiere January 8 at 10e/7p!