Meet johnny, the wicked pissa “real world: portland” cast member who hates pants [video]

With CTDanny and Arissa as his Boston-bred predecessors, Johnny’s got a lot to prove when “Real World: Portland” premieres later this month. The Hub’s newest and proudest representative looks like he’ll definitely be the life of the party, but in a house that has all the makings of nuclear-level meltdowns, will he be able to keep the good vibes going?

“I wanna talk to Joi’s butt” is Johnny’s already famous tagline, and it looks like it’ll be just one of many succinct, sex-driven observations. “I argued with my pants down” is another definite contender. And while we’re on the topic, Johnny might be the most perpetually bare-assed housemate the show has ever seen. Aneesa’s flagrant nudity in Chicago might have finally met its match.

Check out the videos, and be sure to catch Johnny living it up when “Real World: Portland” premieres March 27 at 10e/p!