Mayo cake, meat-glaze shots and more from ‘snack-off”s carnival episode

If clowns give you the heebie-jeebies, tonight’s “Snack-Off” episode might have supplied one more reason to stay away from carnivals.

On tonight’s battle, three amateur chefs were challenged with upping the ante on fried dough, cotton candy and other snacks that you can typically find between the Ferris wheel and House of Mirrors, and, later, making a top-notch dish that featured pork rinds. Some, like a cheese-filled fried pepper, were hits, while others, like a dry meat-and-popcorn munchie, were left for the rats.

Though only one contestant walked away with the golden spork and $1,000, we were treated to some…interesting…cooking techniques along the way. Feast your eyes on our favorite new-age “Snack-Off” methods:

Crushing breakfast cereal into ground beef:

Making cake batter with ginger ale and mayonnaise:

Hammering out Twinkie-nuggets:

Wrapping a poblano pepper in cold cuts:

Concocting a shot with hoisin sauce (Chinese meat glaze):