Mark wahlberg’s quick wit catches uncle nino off guard on ‘the show’ [video]

When it’s your job to kick back on camera with celebs, having your family around the office 24/7 could get annoying, but for Vinny Guadagnino, it just makes for more interview cannon fodder…and a ton of laughs.

Paola and Uncle Nino tagged along to Vin’s first offsite interview on last night’s “Show with Vinny,” where he met up with “Pain And Gain” stars Anthony Mackie and Mark Wahlberg at a gym, and when Nino tried to mess around with the jacked superstars, Mark gave the OG a dose of his own medicine, eventually rendering him speechless. Who knew it was possible?

In the clip below, Mark and Nino get to ball-busting as everyone tastes Mark’s new protein drink, Marked. Nino takes a whiff before he sips: “It smells like s**t, but it tastes delicious,” he says. “It’s gonna make you take a s**t,” Mark fires back. “Thank God you got your diaper on.”

The two go shot-for-shot for a bit longer, until finally Nino surrenders. “Ahhh, get the f**k outta here,” he says, effectively shutting down the smack talk.

So… is this “The Show with Vinny” or “Twins: The Sequel”? (One can dream, right?)