Marie and latoya’s friendship hits a bump on their ‘real world’ road [sneak peek]

Marie and LaToya have had their fair share of tiffs with the rest of their housemates, but the bond between the two firecrackers has so far remained unshakable. On the next “Real World,” though, a simple phone conversation looks like it might change their dynamic, and as quickly as they became BFFs, they turn a corner into enemy territory.

‘Toya’s on the phone with Marie’s old flame Max in the sneak peek of Wednesday’s all new episode below, and when Marie catches her gal pal in the act, she’s pissed. Marie tells ‘Toya she has no business talking to the guy–of whom, Marie’s no longer a fan–but ‘Toya says it’s innocent, and she was simply hammering out a game plan for the Carnival festival, where she and the rest of her housemates are planning to meet Max. “I am your girl, and you should be playing on my team,” Marie says as ‘Toya storms off. “I love you, but I do not like you right now.”

Check out the video, and tell us if you think the girls can bounce back from their squabble.