Marie addresses her freakout over getting what she wanted [video]

Robb likes Marie. Marie likes Robb. In a world without mind games, this would amount to an ideal relationship–but unfortunately, in the “Real World,” there’s a premium put on romantic complications. On tonight’s episode of the show, Robb finally called his girlfriend back home, Emily, to break things off, but Marie, who we half-expected to jump with joy, still visibly harbored doubts. Her single reservation about moving forward had been quelled, and she now had Robb all to herself, so we had to wonder why she was still stressing. What in the hell was keeping her from making things official? And, more importantly, why was she still considering having her old crush, Max, come visit? Women.

In the below clips from our “Real World: St. Thomas After Show,” the two housemates provide some insight on the anti-climactic turning point in their relationship. “I kind of freaked out a little bit,” Marie says. Ya think?

Watch the videos, then tell us: Is Marie still scared of being hurt, and is her hesitation a defense mechanism, or is she not so keen on Robb now that being with him is an actual possibility?