Macklemore helps his grandmother egg a house in ‘glorious’ video

Macklemore is a very nice young man. The rapper, who’s currently on a break from producing and writing with musical partner Ryan Lewis, recently trekked down to California to surprise his grandmother Helen for her 100th birthday. The two drove around town doing anything and everything Helen wanted to do. And because this is 2017, the entire day was filmed and turned into his new video for “Glorious.”

Helen’s wishes were, obviously, to go egg a house, cop some new kicks, sing daytime karaoke, and spend a bunch of time at the local arcade. Macklemore came through with the assist to make it all happen.

Before the video’s four minutes are up, Helen picks out a new tattoo for her grandson (her name, clearly) and the pair get involved in a card game for the ages with some other potential centenarians. That’s when the last, um, pleasant surprise pops up.

This is all to say that youth is only a state of mind and that you’re only as old as you feel. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go call my grandmothers.