Macklemore and ryan lewis promise to keep their pants on during movie awards performance

By now, you probably know Macklemore & Ryan Lewis will be performing their new single “Can’t Hold Us” at the MTV Movie Awards, but so far, they’ve kept the actual details of that performance a closely-guarded secret.

But late Saturday night, after they’d just finished rehearsals for their Movie Awards moment, well, the dynamic duo was in the mood to spill some details … mostly about what you won’t see when they take the stage.

“There’s not going to be frontal nudity … kids are going to be here,” Macklemore deadpanned. “I was trying to get a little dry-hump session on with Kerry Washington and Jamie Foxx, but I think I got shut down on that, too.”

Of course, Mack was quick to point out that, while frontal nudity is out of the equation, fans still might get a chance to see an exposed rear, though it might not belong to him or Lewis (“Will Ferrell’s going to be in the house,” he explained, “you don’t know what you might see”), and who knows, maybe he’ll still be able to work a ménage with the “Django Unchained” stars into the performance.

But, really, to stand out on a night that includes not only the biggest starts in Hollywood, but performances from Selena Gomez and the cast of “Pitch Perfect,” Macklemore & Lewis know they’ll need to have a couple of tricks up their sleeves. And you’ll just have to tune in to tonight’s big show to see what they’ve got planned.

“Anything can happen,” Lewis said.

Indeed. We just hope it’s not full-frontal nudity.