Was maci surprised to learn mackenzie was also a teen mom?

Besides a history with Ryan, Maci and Mackenzie share a life-changing common connection: Both of the young women welcomed little boys when they were teenagers. But was Maci — who had a particularly poignant moment with the future Mrs. Edwards at her wedding and shares mutual admiration with her — caught off guard when she learned that Mackenzie has a munchkin of her own?

“I wasn’t surprised to learn she was a teen mom — I was surprised to learn how old she was [when I met her], which was 20 at the time,” the Tennessean — who enjoyed a cordial lunch with Mackenzie during tonight’s Teen Mom OG episode — recently divulged to MTV News about the now-21-year-old. “I had met her son multiple times and I knew how old he was, and I thought she was around my age because of the way she carries herself.”

“She’s very mature. She’s got her head on her shoulders,” 25-year-old Maci continued. “I was thinking, ‘Hold on — I know how old her son is, so that means if she was a teen mom, then she’s way younger than me.'”

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