Maci bookout’s son is a worthy tickle war opponent [video]

Maci and Bentley wore a set of totally non-intimidating game faces to tickle battle.

Bedtime stories and lullabies be damned! In Maci Bookout’s household, sweet dreams are only a product of a good tickle fight. Though Maci and her son, Bentley, are about as close as a mother and child can get, they recently found themselves in the thick of warfare. It started out innocently enough, but quickly became a white knuckle struggle for the top spot that ultimately took them both down at the same time.

In this Keek video, Maci and Bentley square off on the bed, but the further they get into the skirmish, the closer they get to the side of the mattress, and Maci can see the inevitable disaster coming. Mayday! Mayday! While neither opponent is victorious, at least they can laugh about it. In fact, they can’t stop!

“hahahaha oh ya know our normal bedtime routine,” the former “Teen Mom” cast member posted with the video. Guess that’s just what “Being Maci” is all about — and we want more of it! Bring on round two, lady…

Check out the clip to see how Maci and Bentley get ready for nigh-nighs.