Maci bookout’s son, bentley, demonstrates the bernie dance [video]

When it comes to dance crazes, we’ve seen Nikki & Sara do the Harlem Shake, Michelle Obama out-Dougie Jimmy Fallon and now, Maci Bookout’s little tyke is teaching us how to do the meme-tastic dance, the Bernie. In the Vine clip below, Bentley, decked out in BMX gear, takes a break from biking to show off his moves for his mom and the camera!

While Maci seems a bit perplexed by her son’s behaviour, captioning the vid “show u i can bernie?! what?!” we know exactly what Bentley’s talkin’ about. In case you couldn’t tell from his backwards lean-and-shake, the Bernie is stylized after the classic ’90s comedy, “Weekend at Bernie’s II,” in which two guys botch a voodoo ceremony to reanimate Bernie, their dead boss, and Bernie’s body is left walking (and dancing) only when music is playing. Man, they just don’t make movies like they used to…

While we’re not quite sure how a four-year-old would have latched on to this trend, we’re happy he did, because not only does he nail it, but its capture on Vine provides us with an endless loop of joy!