Maci bookout’s little guy may prefer brussels sprouts to a classic warhead candy [video]

All parents dread the delicate dance of trying to con their kids into eating broccoli or Brussel sprouts, but Maci Bookout’s little guy, Bentley, is proving to be a uniquely picky eater: HE DOESN’T WANT CANDY! To be fair, it’s the incredibly sour Warheads with which the “Teen Mom” stuntman-in-training is struggling (WAIT, THEY STILL MAKE THOSE?!), and in this Keek video Maci recently posted to Twitter, he sadly fails her challenge to get one down his gullet. We suppose there are worse things…

Little B, who never sucked on a Warhead before the short video was filmed, looks like he’d prefer to gargle pond water as soon as he pops the candy into his mouth. “Try it again, it gets sweet!” his mom encourages as he gives it another go, but will power is unfortunately in short supply in the back seat of Maci’s car, and each re-try is in vain. Rub your tongue all you want, Bentley, it’s just not gonna take. Who’s got a spare slice of birthday cake?

Check out the clip below for some mid-week lolz.