Maci bookout practices pop-ups with her slugger son, bentley

Now that spring has finally sprung, and Maci Bookout and her son, Bentley, are no longer forced to travel by sled, the former “Teen Mom” duo’s taking advantage of the warmer temps by really getting into America’s favorite pastime. To ensure Little B gets the most out of his very first baseball season, Maci guided him through some fundamentals yesterday, and considering 2014 marks Bentley’s premiere year in uniform, we have to say — we’re very impressed!

“Working on pop ups” Maci tweeted with this Keek video, in which she challenges Bentley to catch some high-flyers. Each time Bentley successfully gets his glove around the ball and tosses it back to his mom, Maci lobs the next a little higher, until her throws are practically scratching the clouds. We know Bentley previously had his sights set on being a stuntman, but it looks like he might just have a future in the big leagues ahead of him. Next lesson: proper sunflower seed-spitting etiquette!

Check out the clip, and tell us how you’re getting into baseball season!