Maci bookout and her son take the south’s deep freeze in stride with a sledding adventure [video]

Atlanta isn’t having much luck with 2014′s extreme winter weather, but just a little bit north in Tennessee, Maci Bookout and her son, Bentley, are taking advantage of the uncharacteristically cold climate. The “Teen Mom” duo recently took to their neighborhood’s hilly roads with a sled, and what starts out as a peaceful ride in Maci’s Keek videos below becomes a battle for survival when some oncoming traffic throws the pair for a loop. Use The Force, guys!

While celebrating a snow day, which Maci says almost never happens in her neck of the woods, she and Bentley set off in a neon green toboggan and throw caution to the wind. “A car’s coming!” Bentley suddenly shouts amid cheers and laughter. “Go! Turn! Go! We’re gonna be OK!” Finally, after a true white-knuckle ride, the mother and son arrive safely by the side of the road, and even though the near-death experience is still fresh on their minds, Bentley is ready for more. “Let’s do it again!” he pleads. “Oh, Lord,” Maci responds.

Check out the clip, and tell us how you’re handling the insane cold!

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