Love the way you lie: ranking the biggest ‘finding carter’ fakers

We all know Karmy completely nailed that whole “Faking It” thing with the Amy-Karma-Liamlove triangle — er, does Reagan make it a love square? We digress. That said, the crew on “Finding Carter” must be closet “Faking It” fans, because they’re often just a step behind Karmy when it comes to creating facades.

Kicking off this Tuesday, MTV will be re-airing episodes of “Faking It” following all-new eps of “Finding Carter,” officially making Tuesdays our most favorite night of the week! In celebration, we’d like to rank the biggest fakers on “Finding Carter,” starting with the realest (and we use that Iggy Izalea term lightly):

1. Carter


While the series’ namesake made no qualms about showing her disdain right off the bat for her new mother, Carter didn’t hesitate in other areas — namely, canoodling with Crash and planning to run off with Lori (pre-kidnapping No. 2, that is).



For starters, her name is actually Beatrix. Not to mention Bird was Carter’s bestie to her face until she lied about her mom’s missing jewelry and let Carter take the wrongful wrap behind bars. Oh, and there was also that creepster painting of Carter… At this point, we can’t be sure if Bird is a friend or foe, but one thing’s for certain — she’s definitely a faker.


3. Elizabeth

Elizabeth - Finding CarterMTV
Despite initially pretending that her poo-poo smelled like roses (OutKast reference), we quickly learned that Mama Wilson was having an affair with her colleague. Shame on you, E! And now it has become clear that she’s been hiding (another) major secret from Carter and Taylor: Lori really is the twins’ biological mother! Mind. Blown.



David - Finding CarterMTV
We were LIVID when we found out David was faking his doting-dad act and actually writing a tell-all behind Carter’s back. Not only that, but now Lori swears up and down that David “did a number” on both her and Elizabeth. WTF DOES THAT MEAN?! The truth had better come out next Tuesday.


5. Lori

Lori - Finding CarterMTV
We admit it — Lori almost makes Karmy look like a couple of saints. Almost. The “Finding Carter” scheme queen not only lurks around town in unoriginal disguises, she drugged and kidnapped Carter again. And she tried to claim that a takesies-backsies on her eggs-turned-grown-teenagers was fully within in her rights. Erm, that’s not exactly it works, Lori.