Love-scorned katie’s about to blow the “buckwild” roof off [sneak peek]

Katie’s been pretty easygoing since “BUCKWILD” premiered, but it ain’t pretty when she gets crossed, folks. New boyfriend Tyler messes up his fresh relationship by hooking up with Ashley in this sneak peek of tonight’s season finale, and when Katie hears the news, her reaction calls to mind the vengeance of Carrie after her surprise pig blood shower.

Just as she’d finally worked up the nerve to ask Tyler to meet her parents, he goes and does the deed with another girl — a move commonly sparked by what therapists refer to as “commitment issues.” “I thought you were cold,” Tyler says in the video after Ashley strips down to her bra in his truck’s passenger seat. “Warm me up, stupid,” she shoots back. So he does…with his mouth. The group’s ringleader, Anna, learns about the indiscretion, and when she passes the word along to Katie, sh** hits the fan from every direction. Seems our only hope for love lies in the Shain and Cara saga…WHERE WILL IT LEAD? Keep your fingers crossed for Gandee Candy!

Check out the clip, and tune in to the season’s final two episodes of “BUCKWILD” tonight at 10e/p!