7 rad lorde quotes you need to scrawl on your notebook

It’s pretty much a certifiable fact by now that Lorde is a badass role model. Which is why every time she does a new interview, we’re all like, “What amazing gem is lady going to come out with next?”

Well, in a recent talk with fellow badass bud Lena Dunham, Lorde did not disappoint when it came to amazing quotables.

Dunham spoke with Ella for Dazed magazine — which also had a gorgeous photoshoot with the 18-year-old singer — about everything from feminism to only being buds with boys, but we broke out some of Lorde’s best quotes below.

Scrawl ’em on your notebooks, tattoo ’em on your flesh, or, you know, just look at ’em and get inspired:

1. “I came into this with such a strong viewpoint — even when I was 13 or 14, my sense of self felt too permanent for anyone to f–k with.”


2. “Teenage girls feel everything so intensely and are so multi-faceted.”


3. “When the first ’Hunger Games’ came out, I remember thinking how cool and natural it was to have someone like Katniss at the number one box office slot in America.”


4. “My mum is such a big influence on all aspects of my life — as a child of immigrants who escaped the First World War, she’s the strongest person I have come across in my entire life.”


5. “I’m not just going to do a 180 on a girl because she hasn’t learned about feminism.”


6. “It’s an incredible privilege to have all these ears on you just quivering waiting for the next thing you have to say, so you might as well make that thing something awesome.”


7. “I’ve still never had media training or anything like that.”