Living your dream is hard work in ‘washington heights’ [sneak peek]

Whether it’s art, sports, music or fashion–nobody has ever "made it" without a s**t ton of blood, sweat and tears. And the cast of "Washington Heights" knows that better than anyone. In this sneak peek, we see how much elbow grease, time and effort these kids put into trying to achieve their career goals.

JP, who is attempting to bust out on the hip hop scene, learns the hard way that starting from scratch doesn’t include gigs at Madison Square Garden. "That’s where we’re preforming? It looks like a taco spot," he says of a shabby venue where he’s supposed to play. Welcome to the music business! His best friend, Rico, doesn’t have it any easier. As if stripping down and walking around half naked in front a modeling agent isn’t bad enough, the agent tells Rico he "needs to lose about 15 pounds" off his already trim physique. Way harsh, dude. But that’s modeling, for ya. However, the sobering realities of how tough things seem aren’t enough to deter JP, Rico or any of their clique from keeping at it. Victory tastes sweeter when you really have to work for it, right?

Check out how the rest of the crew tries to juggle the daily grind with achieving their dreams in the clip below, and don’t forget to tune in for the premiere of "Washington Heights" on Wednesday, January 9th at 10/9c.