Little mix want to share their dna with nicki minaj, beyonce

Little Mix have a big expectation for 2013: global domination. With their debut album, DNA, dropping in the U.S. on Tuesday (May 28), the quirky U.K. foursome want to “take over everything.”

“We just want to kind of show the U.S. as much as we can really in this next year,” Jade Thirlwall told MTV News ahead of their album release, adding that they are hoping for a Madison Square Garden gig this year. “We just want to take over everything. The dream is to be globally successful and have a really long career, and hopefully get an amazing new album [to follow DNA], get some more hits under our belt and just have an amazing time.”

And, the ladies are already laying the foundation for that level of success. Riding high off their girl-power anthem, “Wings,” the U.K. “X Factor” alums are hoping to capitalize not only on their ’90s-leaning sound, which is so very en vogue, but also the resurgence of girl groups in the wake of 2012’s boy-band explosion.

And their harmonies on DNA certainly recall acts like Destiny’s Child, whom they looked up to as kids. “For me, my older sisters listened to all that sort of stuff in the ’90s,” Leigh-Anne Pinnock said. “So I was lucky to be able to grow up with it. That’s why we love the ’90s era so much. It’s wicked.”

In fact, they are so in love with the decade, they even recruited Missy Elliott to appear on the remix of “How Ya Doin’?”. And they’re looking forward to working with more artists like Elliott in the future. “I think it just spices it up a little bit and makes it really cool,” Jesy Nelson said. “We’d love to have more features. It’d be really cool.”

So, who’s on the wish list? Perrie Edwards shared, “We always say Beyoncé, but she’s too amazing. We’d get upstaged.”

“We say Nicki Minaj as well. She’s amazing.” Pinnock shared, later adding, “I just want to do a slow jam with Jagged Edge or Jodeci or Boyz II Men, something like that would be amazing.”

Given that they love kicking it old school, Thirlwall and Edwards would love to travel even further back in time.

“Well, in an ideal world, me and Perrie have quite old ones, which will probably never ever happen,” Thirlwall said. “But I love Diana Ross. In my dreams, if she came onstage, I would probably die. You’ve got to think big.”

Perrie’s choice? Steve Perry, the former lead singer of Journey. “For me, I want him to sing at my wedding,” Edwards, who is romantically linked to One Direction’s Zayn Malik, said. “That would be nice.”