‘the little mermaid’ as lana del rey falls in love with peter pan in this clip. Need we say more?

Tumblr artist extraordinaire TheNamelessDoll imagined what “The Little Mermaid” would be like if instead of Prince Eric, Ariel had fallen in love with everyone’s favorite eternal child, Peter Pan. The video, which was uploaded earlier this year, has recently resurfaced and is just as magical.

The Disney mashup’s soundtrack is set perfectly to Lana Del Rey’s hit “Young and Beautiful.” Originally uploaded in January, it has popped up again on the interwebs. (We’re guessing it might have something to do with Del Rey’s highly anticipated LP.)

TheNamelessDoll is known for her reimaginings of Disney cartoons, giving them short hair, switching their roles and showing them with real bodies.

Watch Ariel croon wistfully for her ageless prince below.

H/T: Seventeen