Lindsay tells all on ‘losing it’ and lands her dream job on the same day

My segment on “Losing It” was a part of the season finale on Sept. 20th and I’m relieved it’s finally out there.

The day of my taping was an early one with a 9AM call time, but that wasn’t the only appointment I had to make. In fact, I had an interview for a dream job immediately following so not only had I been up all night researching everything and anything about the position, but I also had sex on the brain. Not just any sex however, but the FIRST time I had sex.

I spent two hours getting ready for the interview: picking out the perfect outfit, fixing my hair, running to Shoppers last minute to buy tights and only noticed as I was unlocking my bike that it was pouring rain outside. A quick cab ride to the Much building helped ease my nerves a bit, but in the process of getting ready for the interview I had nearly forgotten the story I wanted to tell for “Losing it”. I mean, I knew the story by memory, but my rehearsals in front of the mirror were completely lost.

I wanted to be funny. I wanted to say something important. I wanted to make grand statements about the terminology used to equate the first time one has sex with the loss. I wanted to rally for the rights of women to take back their agency in a society that demonizes them for engaging the sex acts encouraged on men. I wanted to say something important, that would resonate with young people and maybe… hopefully mean something beyond my actual experience in the hopes of enlightening others.

In all honesty, talking about my first time was the best way to deal with my stress and anxiety towards that job interview. Speaking frankly on the topic of sex – especially in front of a camera crew – is a rather daunting and highly gratifying experience. It allowed me a safe space to air my story, opinions and feelings, but moreover, it allowed me to reflect on my experience in a way that I had not previously been challenged to do so.

Was I profound? Maybe. Probably not. What is profound, however, is that fact that I did it, and many others did as well for the second season of “Losing It”. Young people are talking about sex and they’re comfortable doing so! That’s a strong step in the right direction but change doesn’t happen overnight, so keep talking about sex – about the first time, the most recent time, or the best time.

Ps. I got the job.