Lily collins talks insane action shots in mortal instruments

At long last, the big-screen adaptation of popular YA novel “The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones” is in production and the cast and crew couldn’t be happier about it. Just look at this recent cast photo for proof.

City of Bones” is the first book in author Cassandra Clare’sMortal Instruments” saga, and introduces us to a seemingly ordinary girl (Clary Fray) who discovers she possesses extraordinary gifts in an extraordinary world she never knew existed. MTV News was lucky enough to catch up with leading lady Lily Collins at the Toronto International Film Festival to get an update on production and find out what it takes to bring the fantasy novel to life on the big screen.

It’s incredible. [Director] Harold Zwart is the ultimate director for this because it’s not really his genre,” Collins said during an interview pegged to the TIFF premiere of her latest film, “Writers.” “He’s really making this fantasy piece into an emotionally driven character project, which is, of course, the book come to life. But it’s also a movie on its own. And working with Jemima [West, a.k.a. Isabelle] and Jamie [Campbell-Bower, a.k.a. Jace] and Kevin [Zegers, a.k.a. Alec] and Robby [Robert Sheehan, a.k.a. Simon], we’re all friends and we’re a great team and it’s been such a great time.

We’ve been shooting in all different locations here [in Toronto]. We just finished week three and I think we’ve hit every part of the movie already in three weeks, we’ve gone from early Clary to shadowhunter Clary and back again and we’re doing all the action, all the stunts,” she revealed. “I’m a little sick because we’ve been shooting nights. But the fans have come out every night, it’s so nice to have the support. I’m finally a redhead, finally working on the project, it’s been amazing.”

Speaking to which key scenes they’d filmed thus far, Collins was excited to talk about filming in Pandemonium nightclub, where Clary first meets the Shadowhunters.

We shot Pandemonium and some of the outfits in Pandemonium shocked me,” she said with a laugh. “The depth of the gothic world we’re going into, this trans-y club world and some of the action sequences we shot in Hotel DuMort are insane. Everyone is doing their own stunts, which is really impressive, so I think [the fans] have a lot of action to look forward to.”

What part of “The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones” are YOU looking forward to seeing on screen? Leave your comment below!