Lil wayne has so many songs he can’t remember his own lyrics

Lil Wayne is so prolific, sometimes it’s easy to forget all the Wayne songs that were once in heavy rotation in your life. In fact, this happened to me within the last couple months, when mixed versions of two of his mid-2000s tracks — “Cry Out” and “Trouble” — were posted online by the producer Streetrunner. I hadn’t played them in (at least what felt like) years.

Somehow, though, I remembered the lyrics.

Now, imagine you’re Lil Wayne. Not only do you have hundreds of songs that we’ve all heard, but you probably have just as many that were never released. So it must be hard to keep track of them all, let alone their lyrics.

Still, that doesn’t make the clip below any less surprising (or entertaining). When asked by Genius about his favorite Tunechi lyrics, 2 Chainz pointed to “I Feel Like Dying,” another decade-old track that became a fan-favorite when it leaked online. Weezy had trouble placing it.

Wayne and Chainz also discussed how they were influenced by their surroundings and what makes rappers from the South and the East Coast different.