Lights get sentimental in new video for ‘running with the boys’

As we bundle up in our extra layers on this cold winter day in Toronto, we can’t help but yearn for days of summer when crop tops, high-waisted jean shorts, sunsets and BFFs were all we needed. Oh the good old days.

Ice cream cones and summer cruisers might be a few winter months out of reach but Canadian singer-songwriter, Lights has released a fresh new video for her single, ‘Running With the boys‘ and watching it is a happy alternative to watching snowflakes fall outside our windows.

Produced by MuchFact and directed by Amit Dabrai, ‘Running With The Boys,’ tells the story of everlasting friendship and pays tribute to the ‘old times’ when childhood adventures had imaginations running wild.


The video starts off with a group of girls no older than 10 but quickly jumps to present time revealing them as adults gliding down the street on their cruisers as if nothing has changed. A ‘Now and Then‘ tale that proves some bonds can never be broken and it just so happens, the bonds in this music video are real…

Lights asked real life friends, Ashley Poitevin, Raina Douris, and Ryan Cain, to cruise and hang with her for the video, making it a sentimental telling of her own personal relationships.


‘Running With The Boys’ is the second single off Lights’ Little Machines and comes as the follow-up to the hit debut single, ‘Up We Go.’ The singer just kicked off her UK tour this past weekend but she’ll be back on home soil just in time for spring with the Canadian leg of her tour.

Get your tickets now to see Lights live in concert and if you haven’t already, watch the premiere of ‘Running With The Boys’ right now!

(P.S. How awesome is this soda bottle and where do I get mine!?)