Lighting up at the altar or wrestling with a stiffy: which ‘fail’ was most successful?

“If you’ve ever tweeted about being cool, posted a drunk photo online or have ever been paid to sit in a bathtub full of noodles, we are on to you.”

Pfft, that’s all child’s play,¬†Hasan Minhaj. On last night’s “Failosophy,” we were overwhelmed by how incompetent some humans can be, and from a guy who was surprised that his lit firecracker exploded, to someone who asked “Who is best pony?” to no one in particular, there wasn’t a single sign of intelligence to be found — just how we like it. Still, there were three heavy-hitters that left us hanging our heads in shame.

First, a serious reefer lover admitted that he and his friends toked up in a church at 2 a.m. because they couldn’t find a decent alternative. Naturally, they got busted while getting high at the altar. Not exactly God’s work. Next, a¬†wrestler seemed to be all out of prayers when a pre-match kiss got him so excited that he popped a boner in his skin-tight singlet…in front of the entire crowd. Yikes! At least he wasn’t nude at the time, which can’t be said for our final FAILer who went skinny dipping in a neighbor’s pool, only to be caught by the family’s kids. Naked and wet ain’t the best look for that, girl.

Tell us: Of the three cringe-worthy finalists, which #FAIL stood above the rest this week?