Leroy confesses he was relieved to be axed from ‘the challenge’

No crying over spilled milk here: Leroy was thrilled he got the boot on last week’s “Free Agents” episode.

The second the former finalist stepped into The Draw beside the exceedingly lucky Johnny Reilly, he was more or less doomed to compete in the elimination round. He gave it his best shot against CT in “Wrecking Wall” but came up a few inches short. And though he missed out on a trip to Chile in the process, he says in the interview clip below that he was more than happy to bow out of his fourth “Challenge” outing.

“This was, hands down, the most stressful ‘Challenge’ I’ve ever done in my life,” Leroy admits. “I f**king hated it. It was like a love/hate relationship with this game, and I’m glad that it’s over.”

Leroy goes on to explain that the constant packing and unpacking that was required each time a cast member was sentenced to The Draw produced a house full of basket cases, and even some of the game’s strongest players were ready to throw in the towel when the going got tough.

“It’s like to the point where you don’t care whether you stay or go. I remember seeing Bananas check out, like, once he got voted in twice,” Leroy recalls. “It was to the point where you’re just over it.”

Surprised to hear Leroy be so frank? Share your thoughts, and be sure to see who comes out on top during the “Free Agents” finale, this Thursday night at 10e/7p!