Little mix isn’t letting the paps take a sad photo of perrie and it’s the best thing ever

After news of Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards’ engagement being called off hit the web early this week, fans have been busy consoling each other. But the paparazzi and media have been seeking more to the story, hunting down Perrie and Zayn for post-breakup photos. However, Perrie’s Little Mix pals simply won’t have that.

Leigh-Anne Pinnock wanted to put an end to all the harassment, so she carefully blocked the paps by dancing goofily and making herself the spectacle on Wednesday, cracking up her bandmates along the way. Talk about looking out for your girls!

Let this be an example for all female friendships.

Jade held Perrie’s hand as Leigh-Anne went absolutely bonkers. Success!

Seriously, though: FRIENDSHIP GOALS.

The Little Mix ladies also stepped in for Perrie during a post-breakup interview, where the journalist clearly overstepped boundaries and asked about the split on the same day the news broke.

“We don’t want to talk about that,” Leigh-Anne said, pushing the interview right along.

There’s a reason why Little Mix is “representin’ all the women!” Salute.