Learn how to speak the “buckwild” cast’s language with this slangtionary

During the span of Season 1, we definitely learned a thing or two from Shain and his rowdy “BUCKWILD” crew — mainly about how to put your physical well-being at risk with makeshift toys and some duct tape. But perhaps the cast’s most practical teachings dealt with the etymology behind The Wolfpen Holler. Whereas the “Jersey Shore” brought us grenades and GTL, “BUCKWILD” blessed us common folk with a whole slew of funky, new terms. Freshen up your memory with this backwoods slangtionary!

Daggone [expression]

Definition: A polite way of saying “damn.” (e.g. “My pickup truck broke down in the daggone mud! Now what am I gonna do?”)

Holler [noun]

Definition: A very small valley that houses a tight-knit, rustic community in between two mountains. (e.g. “I ain’t got no Facebook. If I need a cup of milk, I’m gonna holler at my neighbors, and they’ll bring it ’cause everything echoes in a holler.”)


Kick Rocks [expression]

Definition: GTFO and leave. (e.g. “You can take your cheap Natty Light and kick rocks for all I care!”)

Muddin’ [activity]

Definition: Driving at high speeds through giant puddles of mud. (e.g. “I just washed my Chevy pickup…let’s go muddin’!”)

NPS (No P**sy S**t) [expression]

Definition: Refusing to put up with other people’s crap. (e.g. “He cheated on me, so I’m done. I don’t put up with no p**sy s**t…. Hey! I have an idea! I’m gonna go get NPS tattooed on my lower lip!”)

Patrick Schwasted [verb]

Definition: Inebriated beyond belief; play on Patrick Swayze. (i.e. “Go back to your own tent, Shain. You’re Patrick Schwasted!”)

Redneck Water Skiing [activity]

Definition: A semi-dangerous water sport that involves tying a pair of handlebars to a backhoe and swinging oneself around on soapy trash bags (i.e. “I can’t take this 80-degree weather. Let’s go redneck water skiing until someone gets hurt.”)

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