Lea michele’s fans ‘can’t function’ after watching sexy ‘on my way’ video

Lea Michele is carefree, wild and super sexy in her latest music video, “On My Way.”

The “Glee” star premiered the video on Monday (May 19) for the second single off her debut album, Louder. The lyrics to the upbeat, pure pop track about battling with your head and your heart over a guy you shouldn’t fall for say it all.

“And my heart’s too drunk to drive/I should stay away from you tonight,” she sings.

However, in this video, she was clearly listening to her heart, and it seems that she made the right choice. Lea looks to be having the best time as she gets very flirtatious with her boyfriend before hitting the road with a group of friends, giving us flashbacks of Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream.”

The video, which was shot last month in the desert in Palmdale, California, compliments the lyrics to the song, which is all about taking chances, and that’s exactly what Lea is doing. The clip transitions between Lea on the dusty road and the budding relationship with her boyfriend as they share some super-steamy scenes in her hotel room, have a playful pillow fight (blink and you miss it, because there’s an adorable kitten in this scene) and share a playful moment as Lea jumps into his arms by a ONE WAY sign.

You can’t help but notice how far the sex appeal is cranked up in this video. Lea rocks some revealing looks, including a cut-out black bathing suit and some hot shorts as she sensually poses in front of a hotel room and gets a little wet in a bathtub in the middle of the desert. Hey, if you got it, flaunt it.

Now, it didn’t take long for Lea’s Leanatics to weigh in on the video and of course they absolutely love it, with fans saying it’s “perfect.” However, some are now having a hard time recovering since watching the clip.