Lauren’s not so subtle about getting a ring from derek [video]

Lauren waited eight years before finally meeting her online boyfriend, Derek, face-to-face, and now, she doesn’t want to waste another minute being apart from him. On last night’s “Catfish Mid-Season Reunion,” the single mother told NevMax and host Suchin Pak that she’s ready to get married, but Derek, who’s a little bit more cautious about taking the next step, said he’s content to move slowly until he and his girlfriend have got all of the logistics sorted out. Patience is a virtue, Laur!

In the clip below, Lauren explains that she’s staying with Derek in Maryland through September, but hasn’t officially moved in, and says the idea of leaving him is like “leaving my fiance.” She assures Nev and Max that they’re not actually engaged, but it certainly hasn’t stopped her from trying to speed up the process. “I’ve been working on it,” she says. “It may take time to finally get a ring on this finger.” Hey, when it takes you nearly a decade to meet in person, a grace period is to be expected.

Check out the video for more from the happiest couple to ever come out of “Catfish.”