Lauren’s most deliciously inappropriate insults from the ‘faking it’ premiere


Separating yourself from any high school’s status quo used to be social suicide, but nowadays — especially in a place that’s as progressive as Austin, Texas — being an outcast is very much in. On the premiere of “Faking It,” we saw the traditional teenage hierarchy turned on its head: The school’s most popular guy is gay, his sidekicks include an artist and a feminist, and the bitchy, blonde cheerleader circles the student-body drain daily. It’s…a dream come true.

The formerly popular Lauren was forced to move to Austin with her father when he fell in love with Amy‘s mother, and is very much the oil to the town’s water. Though she knows she’s got no clout around her new high school’s halls, she’s committed to bullying those whom she sees as beneath her and preaching the value of conservative (i.e. OUTDATED) rituals. Though most of Lauren’s insults fell on deaf ears on the series’ first episode, we’ve gotta give her points for cruel consistency! Let’s review her most memorable behind-the-times zingers.