Lauren jauregui & steve aoki’s “all night” video is a club kid’s paradise

At long last, Lauren Jauregui and Steve Aoki have dropped the official music video for their hot collab “All Night.” No surprise that the Mike Harris-directed visual takes place within the darkness of a tropical-themed club. The narrative focuses on the Fifth Harmony member, who sits on a throne in the middle of the venue because she’s a QUEEN. Steve Aoki is positioned behind the DJ booth so he basically plays himself.

At some point, Lauren locks eyes with a handsome stranger at the bar while blue and purple lights flash on the rowdy crowd. It’s supposed to be a tale of modern romance, but I can’t help but wonder why no one is suspicious about this guy showing up alone at the club… MAJOR red flag! So, as one does, she crawls on the floor to get to this guy and then they get transported to outer space because of course. Modern romance is out of this world, right?