Lauren conrad smooches new bf while awaiting appetizers [photo]

A meal and a show! A certain shutterbug definitely got his money’s worth this weekend when he snapped a shot of new-ish couple William Tell and Lauren Conrad out to eat in Hollywood. Hopefully this was before the two got to chowing down, or, at the very least, after a round of complimentary concierge breath mints. Breakfast, lunch or dinner: Tabasco sauce offends ’round the clock.

After the gossip mill alleged in May that LC was smitten with someone who gets his kicks inside law school classrooms, the former “Hills” star has been seen glued to the former Something Corporate guitarist’s waist. She’s dated famous actors and dancers before, but it looks as if this future attorney could be the one that sticks. Hopefully he can hug just as well as he kisses.

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