Lauren conrad plays sexy for april cover of allure + we take a look back at ‘the hills” greatest life lessons

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The upcoming issue of Allure magazine will feature a sexier-than-we’re-used-to, Lauren Conrad, with an added edge. No need to worry, the former ‘Hills’ star isn’t about to let go of her sweet side and go all Miley on us, the bride-to-be simply enjoys playing around with different looks just like any other girl.

As usual, Conrad’s skin is glowing and radiant on the April cover, but between riding in tea cups, planning a wedding and running multiple businesses, it’s hard to imagine how anyone could look so fresh. LC has always donned the fresh-faced look and she’s finally letting us in on her little secret! It turns out her go-to routine isn’t much different from her day-to-day style regime—KEEP IT SIMPLE!

Lauren Conrad on the cover of Allure Magazine

Photo: Allure Magazine

As much as we love receiving up-to-date beauty advice from the former MTV star (we’ve already noted it in our smartphones) we couldn’t help but think back on all the years Lauren’s been so kind to offer such great advice. Feeling both inspired and grateful for all that she’s done, we’ve put together a collection of our favourite Life Lessons we would have never discovered without ‘The Hills’! Check ’em out below!

Lesson # 1: Always remember it’s important to forgive and forget. It’s the polite thing to do. 


Lesson # 2: Just because you can’t be friends with someone, doesn’t mean they won’t be a part of your life in some capacity. Be the bigger person. Work around them when/if you can. 


Lesson # 3: During her Allure behind the scenes interview, LC admitted she’s been using the same mascara forever. Our advice: Weddings are emotional. Reach for a waterproof option on the big day if you can. We wouldn’t want a repeat of this: 


For more unforgettable life lessons from ‘The Hills‘ check out the clip below and don’t forget you can watch full episodes of every season on-demand here!