Laurel stucky weighs in on theresa’s epic ‘rivals ii’ voting fail [video]

“I don’t want to tick anyone off, so the best thing for me and Jaz to do is to just throw our vote away.” Famous last words, Theresa — you’d think she’d been on enough “Challenges” to know that calling out a friend as a means to cast a useless vote never works. Theresa may have thought voting for her hook-up, Leroy, would keep the target off of her team, but when Nany and Diem followed suit, her plan went up in smoke BIG TIME, and her squeeze was sentenced to the Jungle against Zach and Trey. Let this be a lesson to you, T: Every vote matters.

Laurel Stucky, who knows this game as well as anyone in the “Rivals II” house, says she thinks Theresa’s covert crafty ways were at play, and in the “Challenge” Screening Room clip below, tells Vinny Guadagnino that her previous experience with Theresa has convinced her the whole vote may have been intentional. “I question whether she did it on purpose,” Laurel says. “Theresa’s pretty manipulative.” While Laurel’s theory that Theresa wanted Leroy gone isn’t the craziest thing to ever be posed, we simply think she made a huge mistake.

Check out the full Screening Room clip, and let us know what you think of Theresa’s flub!