Latoya turns to frozen meats to keep her men enticed [sneak peek]

Aromatherapy candles or sexy lingerie are go-tos for many women who want to put their men in the mood, but for LaToya of “Real World: St. Thomas,” it’s all about the NUGGETS. The smiley firecracker has got a case of the late-night drunchies in an upcoming episode of the show, and when she sees the opportunity to use the all-white meat pieces as erotic props, she GOES FOR IT.

While Robb and Marie have a quasi-uncomfortable moonlight conversation over whether Robb brought home a girl in this sneak peek of Wednesday’s all-new episode, LaToya’s busy inside putting on a performance for the remaining guys in the house. “Is that supposed to be sexy?” Swift asks as Toya inhales the freshly crisped nuggets with a certain devilish look in her eye. And then: The Showgirl routine of a lifetime. We fear the things this woman might do with access to a Thanksgiving turkey.

Check out the video, and tell us if Toya’s performance is getting you hot and bothered…or, just bothered.