Last night’s ‘rivals ii’ reunion minute-by-minute!

Here’s the action as it happens!

12:04: And that’s a wrap! A punch, some tears and a smooch on the cheek. I’d say it was a pretty successful first run. Until next time, “Challenge” fans! Remote Control, out.

11:57: “Obviously he’s a train wreck,” Preston says of his “Rival,” Knight. Guess nothing’s changed between those two. Zebras can’t change their stripes, peeps.

11:54: See what we were talking about with the selfie action? Winner Wes ‘grammed this gem.

11:49: CT’s getting mighty defensive over Jonny’s interrogation about his flirty “Rivals II” tactics. Is the big winner feeling a bit guilty?

11:44: Frank just assured us he’s fine, but we spot a hint of a shiner. Somebody should probably call the makeup person.

11:40: The fact that Frank didn’t Frankout over Knight’s cheap shot is kind of mind-blowing. And then he apologized to Jemmye? Who is this man, and what has he done with the “San Diego” vase smasher?

11:32: Diem and Jordan share a seriously long bear hug during the commercial break. That’s some real love there!

11:30: “Diemnesia” strikes, and we still don’t know who wrote the Nany rap. Except wetotally do.

11:27: Diem just revealed that her post-cancer battle was a lot more serious than what they showed on TV: she was going through menopause and injecting herself with steroids the whole time. And cue the tears. Diem, you’re so strong, girl.

11:22: Everyone here is still trying to process that punch.

11:20: Wow. Wow, wow, wow. Knight just showed his true colors with that right hook. Where did that come from? And Frank just stormed off the stage. S**t just got real, folks.

11:19: Okay, theeeeere’s the beef. Do we sense a new rivalry brewing between Knight and Frank?

11:12: We’ve finally gotten to the bottom of Knight and Preston’s rivalry: unrequited love. Think Preston will ever come around to Knight’s crush?

11:10: Where’s the beef!? It seems like these “Challenge” competitors have squashed it for the most part.

11:03: CT on Wes: “We like winning more than not liking each other.” Guess $125,000 can heal all wounds.

11:00: Big congrats to WesT And Paumily! They ran a tough game. But do you think these two powerhouse teams deserved the big W?

10:56: The Challengers have entered the studio! It’s selfie time on the stage (check their Twitter and Instagram accounts if you don’t believe us), and Wes is talking to…well, no one. Wonder what’s going on there?


10:48: A few of the final teams watch the finale. They’re almost as focused as they are during the game!

10:35: Holy crap. Paula and Emily officially pull ahead! It’s anyone’s game now.

10:32: Paula Walnuts has a cast iron stomach. We bow down to her chugging ability and hope we never have to swallow anything that vile looking.

10:25: Pickled, rotting fish soup looks pretty appetizing, no? Consider it at your next office potluck!

10:18: Ah, the Pythagorean theorem. Foiling 9th graders and “Challenge” competitors alike.

10:12: Guess all of CT’s hangover brunch puzzle practice paid off. Wes should be thanking that restaurant for having such thought-provoking puzzles for public use.

10:00: Here we go, people. It’s finale time. Which team will come out on top?


9:54: We asked the rookies, Jordan and Marlon, to pose for a shot and they whipped their shirts off. Not that we’re complaining. #RookieAbs


9:47: CRISIS AVERTED! The Banobblehead has arrived! Reunited and it feels so good.


9:22: Much to Cara Maria’s chagrin, Naomi is on the group poster. So what does she do? Draw an eye patch and pirate dreads on her, of course! Arr, matey!

9:05: CRISIS MODE! Johnny forgot his beloved Banobblehead! Frank says, “Oh no, is he going to cry?”

9:03: Paumily are in the house! Crossfit-fanatic Emily says she’s ready to make a convert out of Paula — who’s a little apprehensive — and asks why the hell Kenny Santucci never showed up to this morning’s cardio-date.

8:52: It’s not even 9 p.m. and there’s already been a twerk-off between Aneesa and Preston. Where this night is headed, we just don’t know.

8:12: Laurel Stuckey is in the building, folks! She just told us she’s here to lay the smackdown on any “bitches who try to f**k up Cara,” her old “Rivals” teammate. And, you know, moral support. While Knight is just hoping some “boobs pop out.” You never know what’ll happen with a live show.


7:58: Aneesa’s looking good in the hair and makeup chair; decides a navy tank top is superior to her first white choice.


7:45: Some dinnertime gossip — Jemmye says reunion host Jonny Moseley is going to have a tough time keeping some of her fellow competitors quiet…cough, Johnny Bananas…cough…

7:27: We’re here! And the first thing we see is Jemmye sitting on the floor chowin’ down on a sandwich. Luckily, there was no ketchup in sight.