Las vegas, san diego or brooklyn: which team will be “the challenge” champion?

It’s all come down to this! Now that Jonna and Derek have sung Cancun’s swan song and left Namibia, only three teams remain on “Battle Of The Seasons“: the powerful-but-unstable San Diego, the silent-but-deadly Brooklyn and the absolutely dysfunctional Las Vegas. They’ve all won multiple missions and sent numerous people home–and they’re prepared to duke it out like we’ve never seen before. (Mostly because they’re in the middle of a barren f***ing desert, but we digress…)

With a huge prize on the line and 10 competitors who’ve got a whopping zero championship belts between them, it’s anyone’s game. San Diego came out of the gates on top, but struggled to stay there–plus, they’re always a short fuse away from a performance-affecting blowup. Brooklyn set up camp in elimination rounds across the game’s first few stages, but eventually seized control of the top spot and haven’t seen an Arena in quite some time. And Vegas–well…Vegas is still sort of a mess. But with a last-minute win in tonight’s final mission, Dustin and Trishelle proved they have the patience to not just put aside their differences, but also channel their mutual distrust into a solid performance! That, folks, might just be the secret to “Challenge” success.

If you’re a betting guy or gal, tell us: Who gets your chips? Share which team you think will win and why, and be sure to tune in to the “Battle Of The Seasons” finale next Wednesday at 10:00pm et/pt!